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Robotic Surgeries

High precision surgery which allows for minor incisions for major surgeries.

The da Vinci surgical system enables surgeons to have enhanced capabilities, including HD-3D vision and a magnified view. Our physicians are able to provide smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments during your procedure.

Although, it is referred to as robotics the surgery is performed entirely by our physicians.

This amazing technology allows our physicians to perform complex procedures through a few tiny openings. As a result recovery may be faster allowing you to get back to your life without the usual recovery time following major surgery.

The da Vinci system has been used successfully worldwide in hundreds of thousands of procedures.

From Our Patients
“Dr. Akonye has been amazing to our family. She’s was my doc through all 4 of our pregnancies & I couldn’t have asked for a more down to earth person to walk us through every one of them.” – Priscilla Terrazas